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Quantity Surveyor Duties in Pre-Contract Stage

Quantity Surveyor Duties in Pre-Contract Stage

Pre contract stage is a stage where the client give its brief ( what he intend to build and how he want it to be) to the consultant where the consultant (architect) come up with sketches base on the client brief therefore leading to evelvoment of structural and service design and determination of cost of construction before embarking on the real project. Generally the role of the quantity surveyor at this stage are to carry out feasibility study.

Here we discuss about quantity surveyor duties in pre contract stage and what is the pre contract stage in construction project?

quantity surveyor duties in pre contract stage
quantity surveyor duties in pre contract stage

During the pre contract stage the quantity surveyors have the duties such as;

Prepare the preliminary estimate of the client brief which will allow the client to know wether what he is proposing is within his financial capability or not.

 Advice on tendering and contractual arrangements taking into accounts the client's priorities and information available from designers.

 Prepare tender and contract documents in conjunction with the clients and members of design team.

 Advise on use and/or amendments of standard form of contract or contribute to drafting of particular requirements in association with client's legal adviser.

 Advise on shortlisting prospective tenderers.

 Investigate tenderers and advise the client on financial status and experience. Attend pre-contract interview with tenderers. Arrange delivery of documents to selected tenderers.

  Also quantity surveyor in the pre contract stage have to check the tender submissions for accuracy, level of pricing, Advise on errors and qualifications and, if necessary, negotiate the offers, Advise on submission of program of work and method statement.

 Prepare appropriate documentation if necessary, to adjust the tender received to an acceptable contract sum, Review financial budget in view of tenders received and prepare revised cash flow, Prepare tender reports with appropriate recommendation.

 Preparation of Tender document (bill of quantity (BOQ), condition of contract, articles of agreement.

 Advise the client on the best procument method to be use.

 Value engineering in collaboration with other consultant to ensure that the client get value for his money.

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